We offer various type of outdoor furniture including synthetic outdoor sets, wood outdoor sets, dining chair, lounge chairs & sofa, deck chair & stool, sun lounger, bar stool, wood stool & bench, wooden swings and more.With our furniture you get pest resistant, durable furniture that can withstand rain, humidity and other weather conditions that threaten outdoor furniture in Malaysia. Our wooden furniture will not expand due to hot weather and most of wood furniture is treated to reduce the growth of mold.Our Rattan collection offers synthetic furniture, that doesn't require a lot of maintenance. You do not need to worry about rain damage or sun damage and rattan our door furniture i s easy to clean. We have both dark and bright colours to make your garden more vibrant. Our shaded swings are perfect for all ages, whether it is a mother rocking her baby to sleep, an eight year old playing with her friend or simply reading a book.Our dinning sets can seat up to eight people at once and are great for large gathering. We even have multipurpose outdoor furniture like our transform bench. A bench that morphs into a four seater table within seconds and with easy.Elavate your garden with our outdoor furniture!

Robust, Sturdy and Weather Proof
Ideal for Meals Outdoor!


Robust, Sturdy and Weather Proof
Perfect For Lounging In The Sun!!


Robust, Sturdy and Weather Proof
Enjoy A Drink In Nature!


Robust, Sturdy and Weather Proof
Relax in Comfort & Style!

Synthetic Outdoor Set

Wood Outdoor Set

Dining Chair

Lounge Chair & Sofa

Deck Chair & Stool

Sun Lounger

Bar Stool

Wood Stool & Bench

Synthetic Swing

Wood Swing


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